Roblox is more popular than Minecraft

Roblox registers 150 million monthly active subscribers (this exceeds Minecraft)

I believe I know what is big in the videogame world-well, I earn from writing about videogames. However, although Roblox is among the world’s biggest game, it persistently escapes my attention. That ambiguous statement does not do it any good, since the company has now announced the latest honestly crazy stats on the Roblox player rating. Currently, the Roblox player count has 150 million monthly active subscribers-implying players who have logged in at least once within the current month. 

By March 2020, Minecraft had 126 million active subscribers, if you are interested in the context of just how Roblox has become prominent. Besides, Roblox is paying for community development since it is a development platform. The firm announced on a press release that the developers are "racing to earn $250 million in 2020, an improvement from the 2019 earnings of $110 million". An additional initiative providing engagement-based time only paid community devs $2 million in June.

Additionally, Roblox plans to offer developer events services within this year. The events will enable community developers to create their community functions " both virtually (initially) and finally in person". Therefore, I believe we can expect a Roblox party event similar to Fortnite.  

Posted by Harley
August 11, 2020

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