Roblox JailBreak hot news!

Roblox JailBreak brings new features in this new update!

Here is the latest news from our favourite JailBreak city.

Amazing January update is here! You can now buy CYBERTRUCK for 80.000$ near the city.

Now game features great looking grass, and new lighting.

Police officers will now receive much bigger paychecks. Updated jetpacks, and new free to use spike traps!

Don’t forget, that in January Badimo added whole new cargo plane robbery, and added skydiving in to the game! You can now skydive from planes or helicopters and even skyscrapers.

Rob new amazing CARGO PLANE, but be aware, police force will camp landing strip at the airport, additionally you can jump on top of the plane and use a hatch on top to get inside the plane.

New records and stats!

Recently Roblox JailBreak was favorited 13 MILLION TIMES. It is now most favorited game ever in our beloved Roblox.

Few months ago, JailBreak broke another record, and it was played more than 3 BILLION times.

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