What is the name of popular Roblox game about school?

Roblox University
Roblox Paradigm
Roblox Ivy League
Roblox High School

Info: Roblox High School is a popular game made by Cindering in April 2009. It is a high school roleplaying game with over 565 million visits.The game is less popular now and averages about 150 players. The game takes place in a small town featuring places such as a club, stores, restaurants, and other locations. Players can earn money and buy items such as cars, gear, pets, and more.

About this trivia

Roblox is MMO game that allows every player to be unique and creative. Starting with creating your avatar, you can create truly unique character. After that you can choose to play any from thousands of mini (or not mini) games created by players just like you, using Roblox creative tools. You can build any game you want, from simple jumping puzzle, to a real GTA or CS:GO clone. Everything is built with blocks, thats where part of the name comes. Any player can create, buy or sell virtual items, using Robux - virtual currency. Best thing about this game, it can be played from any device, and it’s free! Play alone or with friends, from PC or smartphone, play fighting games, or racing games, imagination is your only limitation.