How many weapons are available in Jailbreak?


Info: If you are playing for police force, you can can use weapons to help you arrest criminals, or even try to kill them. The only use of weapons for the criminals - is to kill them. You can find weapons in few criminal bases, in the police stations or gun shops. Pistols can pickpocketed from police officers. There are currently 10 different weapons in JailBreak.

About this trivia

Jailbreak, is on of the most popular free games for Roblox. Game itself reminds of GTA but with some unique features. It's focused on criminals escaping prison and then robbing banks (or other places) and police force trying to stop them. There are many cool features in this game and it allows players to earn money, buy cars and houses as well as weapons. Play this trivia to test your Roblox JailBreak knowledge!