Major Minecraft Update!

If you are living under a bedrock, Mojang released a giant patch on the 10th of December. The name of this update is Buzzy Bees. This update features new bee related blocks and bees.

It brings new mechanics, and includes honey and hives. It will allow players to see how bees bring life to the world, and their effect on nature.

Every biome benefits from bees in different way.

You can harvest honey from hives, and even make sugar from it. As in our world, everything is everything starts with bees, so let’s fly right in to it!

Buzzy Bees patch content:




Honey Bottle



Bee nest

Bee Hive

Honeycomb block

Honey block

Here is our guide to how start your own Bee Farm!

Your apiculture journey starts with finding bees. You can find bees on nests, with a 5 percent chance to spawn on trees in few biomes. You can lure and breed them using flowers, and even use leads to move them. If nests are far from your home, you can use a weapon with Silk Touch to move them. Bees return at night or when it’s raining.

Breaking nests without silk touch will result of breaking hive, and making bees angry with you.

You can craft hive using honeycombs. It is identical with nests.

Bees will work better if they have flowers near hives or nests.

Hives in nether will be more effective, as there is no day or night nor rains. I

Build hives near your farms and crops to improve the time that it takes to grow.

Posted by Johan Walberg
May 23, 2020

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