PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 7.1 Update

In PUBG, developers released the global update 7.1, in which many interesting innovations were added, in addition, one of the maps returned. In this article, we will take it in order.

Vikendi Map

After a long absence, the Vikendi winter map was returned to the game, which was previously removed for deep processing. The new map has undergone significant changes in the landscape and individual locations. The most significant change can be considered the processing of the location Dinopark. Also, trains have been added, so players can travel long distances. Snowmobiles were completely removed, but motorcycles were added instead. In addition, weather conditions have been redesigned.

Matchmaking Rebalance

In order to optimize the search time for the match, it was decided to establish individual rules for choosing maps for each region. Thus, the developers plan to solve the problem of a long search for games on certain maps.

New weapon - Mosin rifle

The Mosin rifle, which many were waiting for, was added to the game. But the developers noticed that with the addition of new weapons it will be harder and harder to find your favorite weapon. Therefore, it was decided to completely copy the characteristics of Kar98k, changing only the appearance and sounds of shooting. If players react negatively to this decision, then the Mosin rifle can be changed at any time. The rifle is added to the Erangel and Vikendi maps.

Event Pass: Cold front

Another Event Pass, which brought to the game many new items with which players can customize their character, vehicles and weapons. In order to get items, you must complete the challenges. A total of 100 reward levels are available. In order to get all the items you need to buy a premium pass for $10.

The Event Pass is available from April 28 to July 21.

Optimization and improvement of the interface

In this update, the developers optimized the game servers, and the old version of the blood was returned from version 5.3. Thanks to this, a small increase in FPS in the game is expected. In addition, some aspects of the interface have been finalized, which significantly increase the usability of the game.

Posted by Michael Scott
August 10, 2020

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