Astronomical Event in Fortnite with Travis Scott

Epic Games introduced a completely new event, the main feature of which was the concert of the popular rapper Travis Scott. Due to quarantine, hosting live shows is temporarily impossible, so it was decided to host the event directly in Fortnite. A few days before the event, the developers added small tips to the game, thanks to which quick-witted users were able to predict a grand event.

The event was held April 24-26. On the first day alone, the rapper gathered over 12 million online listeners in the game. During the concert, Travis Scott introduced his new musical compositions, and also repeated the previous ones.

In addition, completely new items of equipment, emotions and other related to this event were added to the game. They could be purchased at the store. In particular, it was possible to get the skin of Travis Scott himself.

Some items were available for free. For this, the players were asked to complete special challenges. In addition, all visitors were given a special hang glider, as well as 2 loading screens. All items that users received during the event were preserved after its completion.

The past event took the place of the plot story, which many players were waiting for. Most likely, in order to carry out all the planned activities, the 2nd season of the 2nd chapter was extended until June 4.

Posted by Michael Scott
August 10, 2020

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