V13.40 Fortnite update

Epic Games have announced the next significant Fortnite upgrade, v13.40.

At last, the day has come. Epic Games have said that tomorrow, August 5th, they will be releasing the next Fortnite update, v13.40. There will be car additions to the game after an initial few weeks’ delay because of unknown reasons. 

We had known that there would be an update on August 5th because yesterday, Epic released a picture with the Whiplash Fortnite car with the update date. Nevertheless, Epic has confirmed the commencement of the planned downtime. 



Epic games have reported that their servers will experience downtime during the scheduled maintenance 4 AM ET (8 AM UTC). As always, they have not provided information on the resumption of their operation. However, significant upgrades need more than two hours of maintenance.

v13.40 Fortnite Update

With the addition of cars and the probability of additional features, the downtime may last from two to three hours. As usual, we will update this immediately the servers resume operations. Additionally, we post the size of the Fortnite update on all platforms such as PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 



Well, following teasing at the very beginning of the season, Fortnite is introducing cars at last. We are very aware of cars because of disclosures from data-miners. The information includes car health, the amount of gas the cars can hold, boosting of speed, and so forth. 

To give you a heads up, the bigger cars will be healthy, but with a slower sleep, while can hold more gas. The smaller cars will have a high speed with little health and little gas capacity.

Based on the leaks, a player can either refuel a car at a gas station with the danger of an opponent shooting the pump to eliminate the him, or they can use gas cans on chests or floor to fuel their cars. 


Similar to all key Fortnite upgrades, we can anticipate several leaks from the upcoming updates tomorrow. There is a possibility of week eight and week nine challenges leaking, including new Fortnite skins and some cosmetics. Besides, we can get an addition of some overtime challenges if Epic chooses to make the season longer. 

This is the last Fortnite season 3 update, thus, should there be an extension, we should witness the addition of more challenges in the files tomorrow. Besides, Epic should be mailing people in the help a creator initiative with a focus on the update of v13.40, if this happens, we will update the information from the email. 

Posted by John Simon
August 11, 2020

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